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Team Member Spotlight!

🔦Luinne had joined our team in 2018 after attending one of our open training events. They found a passion for the arts through the hula hoop and now they specialize in character acting and aerial acrobatics. Luinne’s quirky and playful personality makes their character acting style stand out and their movement and dedication in the aerial arts adds to their unique performances!

We are so glad to have Luinne as part of our team and are so grateful to have watched their progress from the beginning.

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Spring officially starts TOMORROW! So, don't forget to stop and smell the flowers🌻

Photo from @hippiefestofficial

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We love these action shots! Stay flexy and keep up the stunts!

Partner acro is a great option for any event! Weather it is an award ceremony, corporate event, or community event! Let Glovation add something unique to your event.

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It feels good to be involved in the community & important causes! The Victory Center in one of those amazing non-profits who work hard within the community for those who need it more. Learn more about the Victory center and all the good work they do here:

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Performer Spotlight!

🔦Jaydon is one of our more special and unique team members. Even while being our youngest member, he has already made a name for himself by becoming a world record holder in juggling! Jaydon loves all things circus and has been taking circus classes from a young age. He has joined our team to learn and expand his abilities and techniques. We are so proud to have such a talented team member and look forward to what he accomplishes in this field!
Jaydon thrives by the cheers and gasps of the audience and hopes the laughter he creates at his shows will one day make the whole world laugh!

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Team Member Spotlight!

🔦Jeff is a licensed pyrotechnician, flames effects operator and display operator. He performs more commercial professional fireworks shows in a year than most licensed exhibitors perform in a decade or even a lifetime. He originally became licensed in Ohio in 2001. He has performed as a lead display operator in fireworks shows all over the Midwest. He has also performed as a pyrotechnician for many theatrical national acts and concert tours. He is from Perrysburg Ohio where he raises his three teenagers. He uses free time in volunteering and traveling the world. We are so grateful to have him as our Fire Safety Advisor!

Our Website:

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Sunny☀️ days are coming! and so is Hippie Fest☮️!
Come see us be silly and photo bomb with us!

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This is Courtney, one of our amazing full-time entertainers. $3,500 worth of equipment she uses on a regular basis was stolen. If available, please give below to help! Or, you can help by booking her for your next event! Message us for more information. And thank you for your support!
Venmo: @Courtney-Wallace-66
PayPal: @CourtneyWallace758
Cashapp: $Chaotikdreamz

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Balloon art by @influuntflow
You can book him for a birthday party or community event by visiting our website!

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Performer Spotlight!

🔦Brittany Loren, also known by her stage name, Alta Ray Star; is a nationally accomplished entertainer based in the Midwest. She has held a great love for the arts starting her journey as young as 5 in singing, baton, and theater. Her career started in 2015 and took off when she went full time in 2018. Since then, she has traveled from the east cost to the Hawiian islands, from the U.P of Michigan to Texas performing shows both big and small. Brittany Loren is the founder of Glovation Circus and loves making professional connections with other companies both inside and out of her foundational area.

“As an entertainer we don’t just put on a show, we create an experience. As long as I can create an atmosphere where guests and clients are enjoying themselves, laughing, joining in on the gag or fun, making their day brighter, that’s my favorite gig. Oftentimes the places and events we are brought to are one’s people go to as an escape from the mundane and daily repeat. Our job is to make this day, this short time the best and one they will always remember.”

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Performer Spotlight!

🔦Angelina Rose has been with Glovation Circus back when it was just a dream. With over a decade of professional experience performing, a background in dance, and the organization and drive to make anything happen, Angelina is a core member of whom this company would not be the same without. Choreography, Musicality, Movement, Planning, Angelina is a top entertainer and one many of us strive to become. She has performed all over the country and even overseas. Being a lead choreographer for the biggest state fair in America, we are grateful to have her talent.

When you hire Angelina Rose, you can be sure you are getting quality and an experience you won't forget.

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Happy late Valentine's day!
Enjoy some juggling hearts with Jaydon!

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Performer Spotlight!

🔦Adriane Weisert is one of our most colorful entertainers in both character and personality. Her warm demeanor and smile create a comfortable environment for any event. Adriane specializes in children’s entertainment with face painting and balloon art skills. When she is not painting the town, she is out running her business Frisky Whiskey or baking cakes and cupcakes for special occasions! Adriane created Frisky Whiskey with the goal to bring people together through taste and play. Frisky Whiskey is socializing entertainment great for corporate parties, weddings, or even a girl’s night! Make memories learning how to create fun drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, ice creams, hot chocolates, and more! Check out their Facebook page for more details on Frisky Whiskey!

Learn more and book her here:

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Team Member Spotlight!

🔦Drew Young is an event manager in training but has been working in the entertainment industry on a larger scale since 2021. They have traveled as an apprentice with Flynn Creek Circus as a stagehand, lighting technician, costume designer, and more. Currently Drew is continuing their passions in the industry working with Berry’s Closet helping to create many of the costumes you see Glovation Circus wear to events today. Drew is also continuing to work throughout Ohio and Michigan backstage at a variety of venues and has worked with big names such as Motley Crue, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hamilton, Jersey Boys, and more!

Drew’s hardworking attitude and warm personality is the perfect combination to make sure your event’s vision is executed to fruition! Stagehand Set Construction Lighting Technician Carpentry Set Up & Tear Down Costume Designer Hospitality Want More Information?

If you are interested in this performer but would like to see more photos or have questions about certain acts- you can request that information by clicking the button and filling out the form. If there is an act not listed that you are interested in, there is a chance this performer could fulfill that act, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

Learn more about this amazing team Member here:

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Glo – It's in our name!

Let Glovation Circus light up your next event!


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We bend over backwards to bring the best entertainment for our clients!

Model: @visualvivacity
Photographer: @siennaHambleton
Location: @selfiewrldTol

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