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Meet Alexa Gurley!

Stage Name: Alexa Gurley

Role: Performer & Muscian

Alexa was introduced to the world of music, arts and performance at the young age of only 8 weeks old by her parents, and by the time she was old enough to hold a children’s guitar she found a talent for entertaining. With 7 years of classical piano training, and through her extensive knowledge of music Alexa became a self-taught multi-instrumental musician, singer and songwriter. In 2015 she found fire and flow arts and immediately fell in love! Since then she has been performing professionally both as a solo artist and with performance teams for almost 3 years. She performed along-side many other talented fire performers and performed her original music across several states during the summer of 2022. Alexa excels at playing her original music and lighting up the night with her dragon staff. Her performance goals include adding more flow props and instruments to her skill sets, and to help cultivate a welcoming and inclusive flow arts community.

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